Facility Status

Holding status Capacity Product Family
3 large sealing machines 900K per month
Processing possible
Insulation type
Silicone and Tape
Reflector Sheet

Holding status Capacity Product Family
High speed punching machine
Article 5, Line 4
Article 3 Line 1
5,000K per month
Processing possible
Protective film
Mobile material processing tapes

Holding status Capacity Product Family
Multifunction machine
(Laminating/Slitting Machine)
1 unit
Fabric lamination and slinging
5,000M or more per day
Processing possible
Various fabrics and

Holding status Capacity Product Family
Roll Pad Cutter
1 unit
(24 BOBBINs)
More than 200,000 M per day
Processing possible
Roll Pad Type

Holding status Capacity Product Family
Automatic Hydraulic Press
(RUBBER molding machine)
2 units
HOLDER Ryu 1,000K per month
Processing possible
Various rubber molded products

Holding status Capacity Product Family
Compact combiner
3 units
Various small widths (50~350mm)
Fabric lamination
Various fabric lamination

We are making every effort to guarantee quality through continuous improvement and investment in facilities and testers.

High-speed punch & merge

Main features

  • Clean room system construction (AC servo motor adopted)
  • All systems are configured in an interlocking manner
  • Excellent 1st to 2nd work precision

Half-cut area L390mm × W370mm
Maximum paper width 400mm
Maximum speed (punching machine) 200rpm/min
Maximum speed (mixer) 50M/min

Main Motor AC Servo Motor 0.4Kw / 4.5Kw
Electricity type 220V / 3Phs

Large Roll Laminate/Slitter Machine

Main features

Cutting method Circular blade cutting method
Type of fabric Film (PET, CPP), paper, adhesive tape
Fabric width Up to 1,450mm
Width of guide roller ¢90 * 1,600mm * 16 ea

Unwinding diameter Up to ¢800
Equipment speed Up to 50m/min
Main drive motor AC motor(5.5kw, 7.5hp, 3상)
power 220/380v, 50/60hz, single phase/3 phase

Large punching machine

Main features

  • Powerful complete die-cutting operation
  • Equipped with Japanese-made electronic memory, easy operation and reduced working time
  • Accuracy 0.005mm
  • Laminating volume control device

Knife area L1300 × W1300mm
Maximum paper width 1250mm
Maximum fabric pull 1-500mm
Working speed 50~120rpm

Main motor AC-15HP-11.25KW
Power use 12KW
Electricity type 220V / 3Phs / 50/60Hz
Machine size L1600×W2100×H1800
Machine net weight 4,500Kg